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SOS (Starting Over Services) has a transportation service for formerly incarcerated clients travel to work, probation appointments, classes, drug tests, court, and other compliance related activities. The goal is to make sure transportation is available to prevent recidivism.
SOS (Starting Over Services) is an emotional support service. We care about your success during and after probation, to prevent re-incarceration.

Expungement removes history of the crime committed. If a former prisoner goes three years without committing a new crime they can file for expungement. This process costs vary depending on the crime and filing fees. A judge reviews the case and decides whether the expungement should be allowed or not.

Expungement costs: $1,095 per crime, $265 court filing fee, $85 Oregon State Police fee. Applies to some crimes, but not all.

SOS will match contributions clients make every month and will assist with helping file for expungement. Clients who sign up for the expungement program will put in at least $15 a month. When three years have passed from the last crime court filing can occur.

Starting Over Services will help a formerly incarcerated client connect to existing services offered in Klamath Falls. Starting Over Services’ community partners supplement additional transportation, housing, rehabilitation and more.
Starting Over Services assists with teaching formerly incarcerated clients learn how to create a resume, cover letter, job searches, practice job interviews, and advice.